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Emmy award winning producer, Michelle LaRock, brings over 20 years of experience to your video production. Those years of experience give us the know-how to take your project from script to screen, in budget and on time.

What makes a video production effective? It is the right message presented in the right form that gets the right results. In real estate it’s location, location, location — in video production it is the message, the message, the message.

Whether it is a television commercial, training video, sales and marketing tape, DVD video production or streaming video over the Internet, TVRock Productions creates effective video production programs that deliver the best message to your audience. And TVRock Productions will be with you every step of the way!


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Happy Anniversary Kenny & Varina!

Kenny and Varina Betts have had a very busy year.  On June 3rd 2016 they welcomed their daugher Alivia Michelle Betts into the world.  TVRock Productions was there when they took their vows as husband and wife at Ormsby Baptist Church and began their life journey together on July 18th 2015.  We would like to wish them a very happy 1st wedding anniversary!  No doubt this family is off to a great start!

Expect the Unexpected

You have planned the perfect day.  You have picked the flowers, dressed, venue, food and the perfect dress.  That’s why TVRock Productions recommends that you always add video to the list.  Budgets are tight and brides often leave a wedding video out of the big day.  After all you going to have lots of pictures to remember the day right?  But it is those unexpected moments that only a professional videographer can capture that will last a lifetime.    This particularly mischievous great-aunt of the groom had everyone in tears during the garter toss.

Video Production Difficult?

Many companies large and small miss out on the benefits of video because there is misconception that its too expensive or too time consuming.  Perhaps video is seen as a tool only available to those with large marketing budgets or staff large enough to handle such a time consuming task.  TVRock Productions produced this very simple video with the still pictures provided by Hosparus of Louisville, Southern Indiana and Central Kentucky to play at their annual volunteer appreciation breakfast.  The volunteers loved it!  Using still pictures instead of shooting video made the video extremely inexpensive.  Hosparus is also able to upload their video to their website and to their Facebook page as well.  That’s a long a bang for your buck for just one simple video and the volunteers they depend on so much love it too!

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